That strange Blockchain thing


Men are designed to search for perfection, so does every creation from people hands. In database world developers rapidly moved away from all other types of databases but relational, as it was the perfect, and still is. But man will never stop. New breed of databases came to the play, like Nosql, cloud or distributed databases. Name them.

So now we are at the birth of new impossible invention. This was first piloted by Bitcoin some ten or so years ago. And it worked. In fact, it worked so good that noways some people claim – it will change the landscape of IT. Will it? Why it is so tempting? Because it opens the door for new level of abstraction for communication between parties.

If you follow what Internet did – it opened the doors for any even anonymous user of the network to spread information to any other user, providing both of them are just connected to this “internet” thing. Now thing what blokchain does – it allows any, even anonymous user to commit transaction(!). It is not just like one party is publish something. Transaction means that one party takes something from itself, gives this something to someone else, and both parties in non-repudiation manner make commitment that it has happened. And no explicit governance over it.

Does it have an impact? Certainly does, because Internet from the platform where everybody is entitled to publish something but nobody is obliged to take responsibility on every single step he or she does, slowly turns into trusted place where parties can be hold responsible. All this would be achieved without sacrificing beauty of Internet concept – boundary-less connectivity among parties. No external infrastructure like same organization, legally binding contracts, country’s legislation and others.

This is what burns now. This is why so many are feeling that there is something even having no clue about that it is. Like some people feel storm even there is no signs it is coming.