There is no “me” in distributed application


…at least as considered traditionally. It is so obvious and logical that I never thought I will need to spend a minute talking about it.

But people tend to think in their silos of “application developer”, “hosting the application” and “application user”.

I want to shake us out of it. Swing us all out of comfort of “we do the same as others”.

Of course, following are elevated statements and in practice all is much more complex, but we must agree on the architectural principles on the block-chain applications to be clear to us ourselves. We do not want to be the “hosters”. Neither do we want to be “application”… We are just network enablers.

There is no “me” in equation

… We build something like Internet…no platform, no us… just many members playing among each other.

Network organizes itself utilizing Factury application and logic, but only as long as the application sets some framework for logic. The network growth, its operations, interactions among the members are fully dispersed. Even servers are dispersed among members or others.

Factury creates application, similar to P2P solution — not belonging to any server or site. Pure offline creation, just mystically sharing the simultaneous data. No central data base.

Rest comes as normal. Business processes. Workflows. Controls etc. But for a fraction of costs.